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March 18, 2019
Updated On: Aug 05, 2015

Legislation HR 1994 has passed the House recently.  Now, S1082 will be brought up in the Senate.  This bill aims to make all VA employees at will.  The thought that MUST be in your mind is:  IF they do this to our sisters and brothers in the VA, MY AGENCY may be the next one.  We MUST STOP THIS.....  Pennsylvania residents - Please make calls to Senator Casey and Senator Toomey, especially Senator Toomey who has co-sponsored this bill.  Delaware Residents, please call Senator Carper and Senator Coons.

What is S. 1082?

Sen. Marco Rubio introduced S. 1082 which strips away every VA employee’s civil service protections and makes it very easy to fire any VA employee who speaks up for veterans. Congress should support AFGE’s recommendations for a real accountability agenda, not a bill that gives a free pass to VA managers to engage in misconduct and mismanagement without protecting the front line employees who are the agency’s most valuable eyes and ears on the ground.

If S. 1082 is passed, every VA worker, including over 100,000 veterans, will be at-will employees without meaningful rights to appeal terminations and other adverse actions resulting from retaliation, discrimination, or anti-veteran hostility.

AFGE is endorsing the alternate bill by Senator Blumenthal, S1856.

S. 1856 is a Bill with Real Accountability

AFGE has strongly S. 1856, introduced by Senator Richard Blumenthal. The bill would:

  • Address the “revolving door” problem, prohibiting senior VA executives from receiving VA contracts for at least a year after they leave the VA;
  • Limit the use of paid administrative leave to 14 days, to ensure employees don’t continue to draw paychecks while sitting at home;
  • Protect whistleblowers by requiring mandatory back-pay for employees who prove that dismissal was a result of whistleblower retaliation, requiring an IG report on the percentage of employees fired who claimed whistleblower protections, and retaining existing Title 5 protections for VA employees.

Please urge your Senator to cosponsor S. 1856 and reject the anti-accountability measures found in S. 1082

We would appreciate any and all support from our AFL-CIO union brothers and sisters

PLEASE CALL YOUR SENATORS, and have your co-workers, your friends, your family to stop this bill. 

The phone number is 855-976-5397.

If you need assistance, please contact the district office, or your National Representative if you know which one is assigned to you.


Please click on the below link.  If this does not frighten you into making those calls, the district has no IDEA what will;

Miller calls his VA legislation a “test case” for the rest of government.


“This, we hoped, would become a template for future legislation that would allow accountability within the ranks of federal service,” he says. “Certainly poor performing employees are not only in the VA. They are found at every level of the federal government.”

Who says they are going to limit their "firing" to poor performing employees?  Moody supervisor has a bad day, never liked you - you're gone.  No justification, no reason given, no representation.



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